Organic. Perfectly Imperfect. 

Simple & Elegant

potter at the wheel hand throwing clay to form a vessel: pot, vase, plate, bowl, or cup.

What is Pottery

craftsperson pouring liquid clay or slip from a plaster mold is called slip casting. It is also called hand casting.

Our stoneware is produced with imported and local materials. Our glazes are our in house formulations which are lead free.

Craftsperson trimming clay from slabbed clay. Slabbing is using a roller or rolling pin to flatten clay to be cut into shape using tools such a craft knife or a cutter.

We form our pieces on the potter's wheel, slab work, and casting. Each of these methods are done by hand and render a totally organic and unique design. 

potter is positioning the glazed pieces in the kiln or oven for glost firing. We bake our wares at 1200 celsius for around 12-18 hours. We use LPG for our fuel and our kiln is made of ceramic wool.

Each piece is hand glazed either by dipping or pouring. The little details and variations are the innate result of the glaze, the firing temperature, and the items' position in the kiln. This is how we create unique, one-of-a-kind wares.