Our wares are best described as FUSION WARE. Fusion ware is when you can mix match a pieces from different collections. Its your own personally curated collection. It will be as unique as your home.

Our stoneware goods have perfect "imperfections" and slight variations that do not register on the camera and on screens. These perfect "imperfections" do not render the piece as low quality or "class b". Common "imperfections" you may encounter are crazing, pitting, pin holes, and ground areas (where the glaze stuck to the kiln slab and had to ground down to remove sharp edges).

No two (2) pieces are EXACTLY the same in terms of color and/or size. This is because our wares are hand made and we use ORGANIC materials sourced from different sites globally. The drippy effect of some of our glazes are not controlled. It all happens organically.

Microwaves & Dishwashers: We (our family) do not own a microwave (for personal reasons) and we only do manual dishwashing. So, we cannot say whether it's microwave or dishwasher safe. Though technically our wares should fare well, we cannot guarantee  the integrity of the piece nor will we assume liability for personal injury or damages should any occur if a client chooses to do so.

Ovens: Our wares can be used in the oven PROVIDED the ware and the food start at ROOM TEMPERATURE. It is not advisable chiller to oven.