Cylindrical Dinner Ware - Purple Winkle

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Periwinkle and purple. Its a stylish bluish-purple, indigo. Reminiscent of Ube halaya. Yummy!!!

A matte glaze that goes with our neutrals - volcanic grey, volcanic white, and oatmeal.

Dinner plate 10*1" 
Salad plate 7*1.5 
Soup bowl 5*2 
Cup 3*2.75" 

Our stoneware goods have "imperfections" and slight variations that do not register on the camera and on the screen but this does not render the piece or pieces as low quality or "class B". These are the result of working with organic materials sourced from different sites globally and each piece individually hand made.

Are our wares microwave or dishwasher safe?
Our wares are not tested in a microwave or automatic dishwasher.

Doing so is like putting a designer dress/outfit in the washing machine, dryer, and flat iron.

Though technically our wares should fare well, we cannot guarantee the integrity of the piece nor will we be liable for damages to property or injury to person, if a client chooses to do so.